You Can Report Social Distancing Violators In Toronto

Who are you going to call? NOT 911 please!


Canada’s Quarantine Act asks all inbound travellers to the country to practice mandatory self-quarantine, while all others in the country are asked to stay home, limit physical contact and practice physical and social distancing. Schools, public areas (including roads), and all non-essential workplaces have been closed for the foreseeable future and until further notice – all in a measure to contain the spread of COVID-19.

There are always, however, a special few who tend to violate government orders. This being a precarious time, no one can be faulted for reporting such violators to the right authorities.

Who are the right authorities? They are the officers at the Municipal Licensing and Standards authority.

According to Matthew Pegg, Toronto Fire Chief and head of the city’s emergency operations centre, the right number to call is 311. Anyone can call this hotline to report non-compliance with government rules – whether these violators are individuals or businesses.

Doug Ford, the premier of Ontario announced a state of emergency 11 days ago, in an attempt to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus that is sweeping the world. The total number of confirmed cases in Ontario stands at 1,144, with 18 fatalities and 8 patients recovered from the infection.

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