This Squirrel Recorded His Daily Activity On Camera

A Montreal video blogger tricked the squirrel into carrying a GoPro camera on the tree trunk, and the resulting image shots appear on the way from the animal’s perspective.

According to world reports, David Freed wanted to know if the squirrel left the camera on the tree and decided to flex the cashews flexibly and place it on the stem.

After a short wait, one of the many squirrels appeared in town.

He took another nut and climbed a tree, and GoPro accompanied him.

The movies show snacks that try to eat a delicious meal before catching up.

The strange creature stops for a moment and documents the scene.

Shortly after that, GoPro falls to the ground without damage.

Another GoPro is very small, only 6 cm long, which is why rodents are easy to carry.

Global said it was not the first time he had experienced this kind of experience, but he did it for the first time.

Previously, peanut butter was used as bait, but it is clear that the main ingredient is the whole nut.

Freedom further said that she has the opportunity to “move” the camera before it falls to the ground and successfully take the pictures she needs without damaging GoPro.

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