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This Is What Expensive Homes In Canada Look Like

Regarding real estate prices, the moderate figure is $ 750,000. Not too high, not too short, no. On the other hand, this indicator is still higher than the national average.

While this indicator varies significantly from one district to another, it ranges from $ 180,000 in New Brunswick to over $ 700,000 in British Columbia.

You can get it for $ 750,000 in various cities in Canada.


For less than $ 750,000, you can purchase this charming five-bedroom home and the clean two-bedroom apartment on the ground floor. The house has about 2000 sqm of living space, a double-heated garage, and a balcony.


This small Edwardian home was built in 1904 by shoemaker Benjamin Christenson and his wife and preserved in its original form and details. The house is located in Strathcona, recently renovated and is stylish and modern.


Finding a single-family home in Toronto for $ 750,000 and up is a difficult task. Most places are in GTA areas like Ajax, Brampton, and Oshawa. But this four bedroom bungalow in Scarborough is perfect for those who want to buy a home for the first time or for those who want to build their own home.


This new building is a beautiful, elegant, and modern, with lots of natural light and open concept. This three-bedroom home is located in Glenbrook, close to other schools, parks, and services. The city center is 20 minutes’ walk of the property.


Three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a $ 10,000 EQ3 gift card to help you find a new pillow: What can you order at home? The house is beautiful and modern, with lots of unique design elements and lots of natural light.


The adorable 1834 stone house is located in Fairfon-Roxboro, near Montreal. It has a cathedral roof, fireplaces, and stone walls, making it difficult to fall in love with this hotel. However, there is plenty of power on the outside with an indoor hot tub and summer suite.


This small but central family home is within walking distance of LRT, Westboro and Wellington Village. The house for $ 725,000 includes two bedrooms, three bathrooms, a large kitchen with a dining area and a private balcony.

St. Johns

The home features a classic Cape Cod-style design, with four bedrooms, four bathrooms, an open kitchen, and a large basement. It is ideal for families. The best thing about this family home is that you return directly to the Rina River, which provides more privacy.


Yellowknife doesn’t have many items to choose from, but only about four homes are worth about $ 750,000. This modern home is located in the heart of the ancient people. The face is bright and airy. The house offers a fantastic view of the large slave bay from the roof terrace.

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