This Baby Zebra Captured The Hearts Of Its Viewers

You don’t see a newborn African zebra roaming the snowfield every day.

Fortunately for Twitter users, today is one of those days.

The Calgary Zoo has just released a cheerful and sometimes painful series of pictures to celebrate the birth of his new child, Colt Zebra, in Hartman.

“The mother gave birth to a smart Lipa Colt on the night of December 1,” the zoo wrote on Tuesday afternoon.

“Mother and child are well connected and living together. He met them at home in the African Savannah, stop saying hello!”

Look at these royal stripes! This sweet mohawk! This wonderful colour!

Birth is another of the Calgary Zoo’s successes in its efforts to rehabilitate wildlife, and Hearts has been put on the IUCN Vulnerable Red List.

This pony doesn’t have a name yet, but zoo fans are already sending their tickets online.

Congratulations to the core! Your baby boy is so cute! One wrote in response to the birth announcement. “So, Calgary Rangers Zoo, can you pick the names you want to vote for?

We guarantee that your name “Boaty McBoatface” will only be remembered if this is an option!

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