The Best Memes On Speaking Moistly

PM Trudeau’s gaffe just might break the internet

It has been a week since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau dropped the “speaking moistly” bomb on live TV, and Canada is still in hiccups about it. Thousands of Canadians have taken to social media to talk about the awkward moment.

While almost everyone is talking about PM Trudeau, many are divided on whether the winceworthy line was a much-needed comic relief in these stressful days of COVID-19, or just a bad move on his part.

Canadians took to Twitter and Instagram to post hilarious (and relatable) memes and jokes about the moment. Here are some that we thought would be most fitting for #TurnItBackTuesday.

Some users shared their thanks to the Prime Minister on lifting their spirits with a dose of laughter, and claim that the faux pas was just what the doctor prescribed to dissolve the doldrums caused by self-isolation and quarantine.

Others took to Instagram to share memes based on pop culture:

Mostly, it was just about how truly cringing that moment truly was….

While STILL others made honest jokes about it.

Some Canadians have seized this opportunity for their retail lines:

No matter where you fall on the funny/cringe-alert line, one fact is undeniable: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has unwittingly brought a smile to every Canadian’s face during this pandemic.

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