Sustain The Line Connects Restaurants To Healthcare Workers

Many restaurants are offering free meals

As a sign of support during this sensitive situation, many local small restaurants have offered free meals to frontline workers, first responders and hospital and healthcare workers who are tackling the COVID-19 pandemic in Toronto.

The main challenge restaurants face is support in terms of funding. Sustain the Line is a non-profit organization that aims to connect small food businesses to those who want to fund meals for frontline healthcare workers.

In the current economic climate, small food businesses (who normally have a very small margin) are struggling to stay afloat. Parallelly, healthcare workers work long, intense shifts and may not always have the time or energy to cook or purchase the food that provides them the nourishment to keep going. Enter Sustain the Line, which offers a novel solution to both problems while also connecting the community.

According to Sustain the Line’s website, the donations to fund the meals can be made by anyone through a simple three-step online process:

  1. Sign Up – if you are a food provider and are able and willing to make deliveries to hospitals, or if you are a supporter willing to pay for meals to healthcare workers, all you need to do is use the contact form on Sustain the Line’s website, or drop them an email to reach out.
  2. Get Matched – Sustain the Line will connect food providers and supporters (without taking a cent in return)
  3. Pay & Deliver – The supporter contacts the food provider and arranges payment. The provider then delivers the meals and confirms with the supporter.
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