Rent Relief From Toronto Landlords

Tory stepped in with a special request

Toronto Mayor John Tory has asked landlords to provide rent relief to those who are affected by the novel coronavirus global pandemic COVID-19.

Tenants who have been laid off at work or who have lost their jobs will receive special consideration on rent. Mayor Tory has held talks with landlords across Toronto and asked them to create special plans for those who will be unable to pay rent.

With April 1 looming closer by the day, Mayor Tory has asked all Toronto property owners to help relieve tenant worries, and to ensure that all tenants have received notices on new protocols put in place, even if temporary.

The Toronto Community Housing (TCHC) has announced that it is ready to be flexible with rent for those who are directly affected by the COVID-19 economic situation (lowered income due to job loss or lay offs).

“We recognize that many tenants who have lost income or been displaced from their jobs by the COVID-19 emergency are feeling anxious because their rent is due on April 1st”, said TCHC President and CEO Kevin Marshman. “As a City corporation with a responsibility to the people of Toronto, we will apply flexible solutions that balance the ability of tenants to pay with the increased costs we are incurring as a result of COVID-19.”.

As of today, there are 170 new confirmed cases, bringing the COVID-19 active case number to 967 in Ontario.

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