New Rules For TTC Passengers

COVID-19 concerns result in precautions on public transport

In response to concerns raised by the public and by the operator’s union, Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) has issued a list of new rules as a measure to assist with stopping the spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19.

The rules now state that cards will be used to make payment for rides (instead of cash), and only passengers who require an accessibility ramp will be allowed to board from the front doors. All other passengers will have to board using the rear doors. Contact with operators has also been potentially reduced, as operators have been instructed to keep their protective barriers closed at all times.

TTC has now implemented the use of Presto cards (tap and pay) and Presto tickets as the only valid forms of payment. Fare boxes (usually placed near bus drivers) will no longer be available, and drivers will no longer be able to issue transfers to any passengers. Additionally, youth and senior tickets will no longer be accepted as payment.

Presto cards and tickets can be purchased from machines inside subway stations. Riders who do not carry Presto payment options are still allowed to use TTC services however “we’d like you to pay at your next opportunity (streetcar or station) if possible.”, said the agency’s customer service account.

To practice and put into effect further social distancing, TTC has also offered passengers the option to cancel their monthly pass, with the deadline to cancel being extended until Friday, April 27 at 11:59 PM.

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