Montreal Announced As The Fifth-Best City To Live In The World


If you are planning to move to another Canadian city, Montreal may be the best option.

Due to the Expat City 2019 rating, Montreal is the fifth-best city in the world to live and work abroad in 2020.

The classification of expatriates is based on an annual study by foreign nationals conducted by InterNations and collects information on various aspects of the lives of immigrants from more than 20,000 foreigners representing 178 nations living in 187 countries or territories worldwide.

The arrangement includes 82 cities around the world, almost all of them in Montreal.

The city ranks first in Taipei followed by Kuala Lumpur, Ho Chi Minh, and Singapore.

Montreal topped other Canadian cities in many areas, ranking third among Canada’s largest cities in terms of working life in cities (tenth in the world), cost of living (11), as well as finance and housing (eighth).

514 is ranked fifth in the global life category.

Although 62% of former hostages received a positive assessment, 79% said it was easy for immigrants to find an apartment in Montreal.

During the interrogation, the former monks were asked about their favorite Montreal side.

The former Dutchman led the life, and the other in the United States spoke of comfort.

Montreal ranks 33rd in its economic situation compared to Toronto (79) and Vancouver (80), which is the fifth in the world.

Regarding complaints in Montreal, the city has the lowest ratings in terms of health care, local climate and climate.

“The environment is a nuisance,” the former Brazilian hostage said. Another winter in Venezuela was: “Winter is long and cold.”

Despite a large amount of snow and the doctor’s long wait, some former hostages around the world agree that Montreal is a great place to live and work.

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