Meals TO Heal

Helping healthcare workers & supporting Toronto’s restaurants

What do you do when you have frontline workers working long shifts on one hand, and restaurants struggling to stay open for business on the other? You put your hands together.

Meals TO Heal is a group of young adults living and working in Toronto who have found a way to help raise donations to fund meals from local restaurants to frontline workers, first responders and healthcare workers who are working long hours fighting the good fight during this COVID-19 pandemic in Toronto.

With a goal to support the most needy during this difficult time, Meals TO Heal states a simple objective: “We want to brighten the days of hospital staff on the front lines while also giving back to the small businesses that are being impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The group has currently partnered with Parallel, iQ, Cycle Water, Maker, Daily Press Juicery and Uber Eats, and can make deliveries to Mount Sinai Hospital, North York General and the hospitals that comprise the Union Health Network. So far, Meals TO Heal has raised over $26,200 and secured over 1,740 meals for frontline workers.

Making a donation is a simple process. Simply head to their website and select a donation amount. One-click donation options are available for $20, $30, $50 ad $100 – or you can put in a custom amount of your choice. After you make your selection, simply click on “Donate”.

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