Marché International Shuts Doors

“Another one bites the dust” rings loud amid the pandemonium caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Started in 1983 with their 1st restaurant in Stuttgart, Marché International, a part of Mövenpick Group, has been one the leading restaurant operators on motorways, airports and selected urban locations across the globe. However, after 10 year in business Marché International (which fronts Marché and Mövenpick Café in Toronto) is moving out of the Canadian market citing economic reasons.

Marché Movenpick at Brookfield Place Street (with another location at Concourse Level) in downtown Toronto is a popular marketplace style restaurant featuring on-the-spot preparations of regional and seasonal products has seen a steady stream of clientele over the years. But the company is expected to close its operations by end of May 2020 for both its outlet in Toronto, verified by the fact that its employees have already received the notice of closure and their termination letters in compliance with company’s legal obligations.

The closure may come as a shock to many gastronomy buffs in the city of Toronto who have frequented the establishments over the years.

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