Make Home Celebrations Special

Celebrate faith-based holidays at home this year

The holidays are special opportunities to gather together with family, friends and loved ones. With almost all of Toronto (along with the rest of Canada) living in self-imposed quarantine in adherence to the mandatory closure of non-essential services and physical distancing, as an effort to reduce and control the spread of COVID-19, this year’s holidays seem so much more somber.

While meeting and greeting with loved ones may be temporarily out of the question, there are many other ways to make the holidays special for yourself, and for those who you are quarantined with.

  • Have an online brunch or dinner party – get the family and friends to all attend a meeting online, at the dinner table. Keep audio and video settings on, and catch up on each other’s lives over a shared meal (albeit online).
  • Consider donating to a local food bank – most of the public libraries in Toronto have been converted to food banks, in an effort to sustain the vulnerable residents of the city. Foster the holiday spirit by making a donation to a food bank closest to you.
  • Get the kids involved – ask them to help you with basic tasks such as cooking, decorating, setting the table, or even designing online holiday greeting cards.
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