Love for Shawarma

Do you ever feel like your relationship is one sided?

Ever feel like you have nothing to offer?

This is how we feel when we purchase our shawarma, shawarma is middle eastern cuisine and now consumed by many all over the world, it made a special place in the Western cultures.

Shawarma tastes great and its a great meal itself, better than fast food, it fulfills the nutrient requirement as it is a good source of vitamins, protein, dietary fiber, iron and more.

We’ve seen lettuce, tomatoes, and even some ketchup as options to be included in our shawarma from restaurants. But if you want to make it the real middle eastern shawarma style it is mainly comprised of:

Chicken, garlic sauce, french fries, and pickles.

Beef, tahini, cilantro, pickles and tomatoes.

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