Look At How This Little Girl Reacted When She Saw Moose Outside Her Window

What would a Canadian look like without a notorious moose?

The moose which can sometimes be a terribly scary mammal, is one of Canada’s main features: It’s part of how students from other countries start to know and learn about us.

Not surprisingly, guests who come to Canada have the opportunity to see a Moose.

The now beloved Texas preschooler who saw a Moose in front of her grandmother’s window when she visited her home in a small town on the southeastern coast of Newfoundland had such a fascinated look on her face.

Brooke, three-years old, smiled from ear to ear, clearly inside, when two moose hunted and walked around their old garden admiring the snow outside.

The intimate image was animated on social networks and caused a lot of “aww” and hit us all in the feels.

Many have described this image as an example of the “real Newfoundland scene” and shared their Canadian stories in the comment section of the post, which initially appeared on the Newfoundland and CBC Facebook page; Labrador.

Newfoundland has the highest concentration of elk in North America, of which about 120,000 alive today.

However, tourists at sea have already officially complained about the lack of free walking, and they seem to be expecting to see more because well…its Canada.

It’s nice to see happy news, such as Brooks’s writings, that reminds every one of the positive side of sometimes uncomfortable truth of life in Canada: random moose and all.

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