Justin Bieber Backs Apologizes For His Old Racist Statements

Justin, who is famous in Canada for racist structures, apologizes for his old abusive films in the spirit of … Christmas?

Justin Bieber, the 25-year-old pop star who recently introduced to the public as part of his marriage, spoke Tuesday with a message to his Instagram audience.

“I am determined to make up for all my mistakes this Christmas and work for myself and for the people I love! “He made a statement in an article in which he published a cardboard Christmas tree. “what’s your goal”?

The second publication, which was also published within two hours, contains an image containing the phrase “Stand Against RACISM”.

“When I was young I had no education and said really damaging things I didn’t know about the power of my words,” Bieber wrote in the commentary.

“Racism is still prevalent and I want to use my voice to remember all people and everyone is equal to God!”

This video, shown on TMZ in 2014, features the young Bieber who sings a parody of another man from the song “One Less Lonely Girl” in front of the camera, but replaces “Girl” with the word “n***”. * “*”.

Back in the moment: “If I kill you, I’ll be part of the KKK.”

The second video, in which Bieber corrected racial humor at the expense of African Americans, occurred simultaneously.

Bieber strongly apologized for the behavior in both songs shortly after his performance. Bieber himself said in 2014 that “as a child, I didn’t understand the power of some words and how they could hurt people.”

“I liked to say horrible words and jokes, but at the moment I didn’t realize it wasn’t fun and my actions were really ignorant.” “I hope sharing my mistakes will not allow others to make the same mistake

s in the future.”

Nobody knows the real reason behind Justin’s statements, and whether they originate from within him or do they serve other goals. But he certainly found the fame back and we’ll see another Justin Bieber video very soon.

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