Good News for Canadians; No More Spam Calls

Today, Canadians need to stop worrying about recent spam attacks. At least that’s the hope.

Today, CRTC has set a deadline for cellular operators to implement more advanced technologies and prevent communication between their networks. The new global blocking system prevents calls from incorrect numbers or more than 15 digits.

Some service providers, such as Telus, already have their options to block suspicious connections, so they don’t have to control the new system.

All Canadian service providers will need to take additional steps against automated connections next year: CRTC will work with companies to identify the source of suspicious communications, and the project review structure will be established by September. Call-ID

There are also broad external applications, such as RoboKiller, that can help prevent unwanted connections.

However, if you are looking for the best way to avoid spamming, you should use the usual Millennium method never to answer the phone.

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