Free Groceries For Those In Need

The residents of Toronto have stepped up

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven people apart through physical distancing, however it has united communities in a heart-warming way.

Washim Ahmed, a lawyer based in Toronto, and a few volunteers from the Bangladeshi Canadian Help Support-COVID19 and Lawyers For Humanity has started The Table of Kindness, a project that aims to serve Toronto’s residents, especially those in need of essential items.

On learning that many people in communities are in “dire need of food, especially students, non-status Canadians, and refugees,” Washim Ahmed started collecting food items from organisations like the Human Concern International in an effort to provide help to those who need it.

“None should remain hungry in this country!” said Ahmed.

The project is based on a “take what you need, give what you can” system and can be accessed by anyone who needs food items or wishes to donate items during the pandemic. Ahmed has spoken on the success of the project, stating that “…they only take what they need. Some people only come at night and take some food when none is around.”

The Table of Kindness has been set up at 3209 Danforth Avenue at Pharmacy Road and Danforth Avenue, and is open to anyone who needs essential items.

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