Free Food To Seniors

Operation Ramzieh delivers free food to senior residents

In light of the current shutdown of non-essential services during this COVID-19 pandemic sweeping Canada and almost every other country, one Canadian corporate has stepped up to serve the nation’s senior residents.

The Dreammind Group, host to local favourites like Tequila Jacks, Orchid, and the Moscow Tea Room, has launched Operation Ramzieh, an organization committed to serving seniors. The operation will deliver a free Crisis Kit to senior in different neighbourhoods.


The kits have been curated after consulting with numerous health specialists, and will contain essentials such as fruit, toilet paper, a protein, rice, spaghetti, milk, cereal, bread, granola bars and vegetable soup (to name a few). The team takes care to wear masks and hand gloves while assembling the kits, and also while distribution. The kits are delivered at the resident’s doorstep, in order to minimize contact.

The group delivers to locations in Toronto and Ottawa, and is requesting donations from anyone who can spare the money, no matter how big or small. Each box costs $30 (including packaging, contents and distribution), and their current funds are enough to cover only the next 10 days.

Operation Ramzieh was created keeping in mind Canada’s senior residents, as an integral part of the community and family unit. As of today, medical health professionals maintain that people over the age of 60 are the most susceptible to contracting COVID-19, and fatality rate is high worldwide.

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