Free Coffee At Tim Horton’s For Medical Personnel Battling COVID-19

Canada’s favourite baristas now serving the frontline fighters

Tim Hortons, Canada’s favorite coffee chain, is giving away free coffee to the doctors, nurses and other hospital employees who are at the frontline of the coronavirus global pandemic. A heartwarming gesture towards those serving the community, Tim’s coffee trucks will be on the move with freshly brewed java dropped off at various hospitals in Tims Delivery bags as a sign of thanks and encouragement to all hospital employees who are risking their lives in the fight against COVID-19.

Sporting a lovely note with a big Thank You from the Tim Horton’s team, today’s Tims Delivery bags were dropped off at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, ONT. “Starting today, our coffee trucks will be out serving free coffee to those serving communities across Canada.”, said Tims’ official Twitter account.“Today we were at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto – thank you to all of the doctors, nurses and hospital employees working hard to keep us safe!”

The novel coronavirus infection toll in Ontario has now risen to 257, with 43 new cases confirmed today. So far, the pandemic has claimed one life in the province. Government and health officials advise against venturing out of doors, especially to areas with large crowds.

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