Etobicoke Emerging From Power Disruption

Toronto Hydro on the job


No power.

In this day and age, the occurrence of either of these situations may seem like the end of the world, each in its own right.

Now try putting them together: quarantine with no power.

To those living in the area around Eva Rd. / West Mall / Valhalla Inn in Etobicoke, this term became a stark, horrifying reality. More than 1,000 residents had been living in self-imposed quarantine without power for a little over a week.

“We know this has been very frustrating with everyone staying home and we’re truly sorry. We can assure you that crews are doing absolutely everything they can to make repairs as quickly and safely as possible,” said spokespersons from the Toronto Hydro company, who were in the process of fixing an underground cable that ruptured leading to the dark situation.

Tempers among the residents started to flare by mid-week, when, after several updated deadlines had passed with no light in sight, many complained about being unable to cook, store precious groceries properly or even use the emergency elevator in a high-rise building.

With the situation looking ready to go pear shaped, Toronto Hydro finally had a breakthrough and power was restored on 6th April, much to the relief of everyone involved.

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