Canadian Giants Call For Social Distancing

#SocialDistancing is #trending

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Olympic hockey champion Hayley Wickenheiser, and actors Ryan Reynolds and Seth Rogen have come together in unison to promote the need of the hour: social & physical distancing and staying indoors.

These famous faces of Canada have joined forces to encourage all Canadians to help fight the novel coronavirus COVID-19 by staying indoors and maintaining larger physical distances in public areas, with an aim to #PlankTheCurve – a graph (depicting the alarming growth rate of reported positive cases) that looks to be growing steeper with each passing day.

Prime Minister Trudeau called on the Canadian populace to practice responsible behavior, via this video on Twitter:

In his usual light-hearted style, actor Ryan Reynolds promptly replied with a Tweet and a video of his own:

Actor and comedian Seth Rogen joined the bandwagon with a video Tweet from his “bunker”. Watch his advice on COVID-19 manners:

Olympic hockey champion Hayley Wickenheiser also shared a personal point of view via Twitter, seeing as she is currently in her final year of medical school.

Possibly due to early negligence on the gravitas of this serious situation, the infection has risen to the level of a global pandemic. From the team at Hashtag: Stay Safe, Stay Home, and help Canada #PlankTheCurve.

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