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Arab Food Memes??

Arab Food + Memes = complete heaven. It’s the best combination EVER! Arab Food memes are so relatable. Comparing it to the West, we have a set of unique memes that will, literally, speak to your soul. That’s enough for the introduction. Let’s get into these Arab food memes…

1- Talking about Arab generosity, “small portions” don’t exist in our dictionary.

 2- Shawarma is the true definition of love, Isn’t it? it’s music to my ears.

3- Speaking about Shawarma, comparing it to expensive restaurants with their tiny portions, Shawarma gives us more reasons to be loved by many. It’s not expensive, full of love and flavors

4- We have a different meaning of the word MAC. Macdoos and bread is a combination made in heaven.

5- It tastes good and refreshing only for 3 seconds and then it tastes like nothing, but we keep eating it anyway.

6- Again with the Shawarma. Sorry Not Sorry

7- Have you tried Falafel? It’s another different love story. Just saying

8- Falafel and hummus are best friends Goals!

9- Who says NO to knafeh? We have some trust issues if you do

10- First thing first, before eating Shawarma, Falafel, or Knafeh, you gotta Instagram it. Follow the rules

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