A Wonderful Human Glimpse Of The Subway Chain Of Restaurants On The Occasion Of Christmas

This Holiday season encourages Canada to focus more on some areas of the country than others.

At one of the subway franchise in Saskatchewan, Alberta, the Christmas spirit was strong enough to make people cry.

It all started with a simple caption on the restaurant door.

“Congratulations everyone! We are open for Christmas from 10:00 AM to 2:00 AM. When you’re alone, come celebrate with us and enjoy hugs and cookies for free.”

“You don’t have to buy anything. We’re a family. If you can’t get it, the food is on us,”

As you can see in this beautiful show, Maxine Reichstein, who lives in this area, photographed the brand and shared it with Facebook, noting that This is Subway Fas Gas and Restaurant Humpty’s restaurant [at] 10114-88 in Ft Sask.”

“Personally, I will support this Subway, he is a good and wonderful person,” she said of the company’s owner.

She’s not the only one.

Almost about 8,000 people shared Reichstein’s original post on Facebook.

“I think they get free food every week,” said one at the Subway location. “they are beautiful people!”

Last year, the Saskatchewan Record newspaper reported on the subway’s “Mission to feed the homeless”, calling on people in need of a Christmas dinner.

“This is the only agency in North America that provides free meals for homeless people at Christmas,” Sanchez said. “For anyone who can’t afford daily expenses, we will be happy to say that the food is on us.”

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