A Major Ecstasy Smuggling Operation Involving A Canadian Man

After a six-month joint police operation in Sydney, Australia, they seized 645kg of MDMA drug. They arrested two people, one of whom was Canadian.

A 33-year-old Ontario man and 30-year-old Australian man were arrested Monday for alleged involvement in an MDMA criminal import project, according to a joint press release issued by the Australian Federal Police and the Australian Border.

Crime leader Kirsty Schofield said: “These attacks should not be underestimated and the amount of damage they can cause. Australian society thinks they are not on our streets,” said AFP Commander of Organized Crime Kirsty Schofield.

Investigations resumed in July, when it was reported to the Cyprus Police that large quantities of drugs could be exported from Cyprus to Australia.

Authorities of the two countries then cooperated and were able to intercept a container containing 200 pieces of the aluminum grill, which, after being discovered, was filled with MDMA and dismantled.

When the Canadian man traveled to Australia last week to obtain the drugs, he was unaware that authorities had successfully replaced the roasted MDMA drug in the warehouse with some controlled substances.

“We thank our partners in Cyprus and the UK for their willingness to support us in our efforts to identify those responsible for this campaign,” Schofield said. “These drugs are putting pressure on health care and our economy. They are destroying families and funding organized crime in illegal profits. Our job is to protect Australia from these threats.”

In addition to MDMA, about $300,000 and 3.5 pounds of cocaine were confiscated after several executions.

Police say an investigation is underway and could result in further arrests.

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