A Controversial Sign Is Making A Fuss In Canadian Society

A controversial Tim Horton’s sign in Ottawa caused a stir among residents. It warned shoppers that they could stay in the dining room just 30 minutes after the purchase.

The reporter said customers who were still in the store became 30-minute late infiltrators, and police were notified.

There were intense anger and criticism, and the same was suppressed.

“This is to inform you that under the Trespass to Property Act, that you are not under any circumstances, permitted access to, or be on the premises of, Tim Horton’s 330 Queen St Ottawa,” the sign began.

“This notification is to clear the place within 30 minutes after purchase Tim Horton’s product, failure to do so will consider as a trespassing, the Ottawa Police Service will be contacted, who will be instructed to charge you under the Trespass to Property Act. A copy of this letter has been sent to the Ottawa Carleton Police.”

Also stating that

According to CTV News, a spokesman Tim Hortons said the sign was intended to eliminate some of the idle problems that occurred on this particular site.

They said: “The restaurant was attempting to deal with a few isolated issues of extreme loitering, but the sign doesn’t reflect our values of creating a welcoming environment, so it has been removed,” but many do not buy it.

Ottawa City Councilwoman Catherine McKinney told CTV that the brand discriminates against the homeless, elderly, and disabled. Many social media users seem to agree.

“This is gross,” someone wrote online. “For the safety of the guests,” the staff said, “it is clear who is pointing at the sign, and these methods are misleading, especially in winter when people are using this place for warmth.”

“Perhaps loitering concerns and problem customers are signs of an underlying community need for more free, welcoming public gathering spaces that are safe, well-maintained and accessible to all?” another said online.

Others agree on this signal, explaining that robbery in central Ottawa is a real problem and that companies should be able to deal with it on their own.

However, the vast majority seems to agree that no business should contact the police if people do not leave after a while.

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